The following poem by Neelanjana Banerjee and video works by Carolina Caycedo, Carmina Escobar with Wesam Nassar, and Kate Lain were selected by Alison Saar for Catfish Dreamin’ because of their relation to the theme of water. Alison Saar’s Catfish Dreamin’ video that accompanies the installation in the front garden of the Armory Center for the Arts is also included. We hope you can enjoy these works at the bodies of water or waterways identified in the Catfish Dreamin’ map or at other water sites of your choosing.

Alison Saar
Catfish Dreamin’
Wood, asphalt roofing, wire mesh, river rocks, ink, lights, tar, rubber, glass, video
3 minutes 16 seconds

Kate Lain
Water Mining (Eaton Canyon)
Cyanotype and plant material on 16mm film, recorded and finished digitally
Color, sound
5 minutes 10 seconds

Carmina Escobar with Wesam Nassar
La garganta de la serpiente
Performance for camera
11 minutes 22 seconds

Please note this work contains mature content. Viewer discretion is advised.

Carolina Caycedo
Esto No Es Agua / This Is Not Water
1 channel video HD
Sound and Color
Sound by: Daniel Pineda
5 minutes 20 seconds

Neelanjana Banerjee
How to Worship a River
Audio recording
2 minutes 35 seconds